Jason Martin, Kola, 2008
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The MA Collection is a private collection founded by Stefano Menconi in 1991, as the result of many years of consistent passion for the Arts and an innate inclination towards collecting.

Stefano Menconi has built his life balancing between the dichotomy of his professional career as an entrepreneur in insurance, business consultancy and real estate and, on the other side, his cultural and social life, characterized by an ever-renewing research for art conceived as a space for soothing and nurturing the human mind and soul.
Mr. Menconi’s interest has recently been driven towards investing in creating, publishing and distributing digital products as well as financing app development, mainly within gig economies, therefore expanding and diversifying his presence in contemporaneity even further.

Collecting has never been about investment or financial gain for us.
The MA Collection tells the story of a very personal and private relationship with art and its universal language, the story of how human expression has always played a key role in witnessing the development of the human mind as well as the manifestation of personal and cultural narratives.