Giulio Paolini, Giuditta e Oloferne, 1979
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The MA Collection is now in its twenty-seventh year and has grown to become a collection of almost three hundred pieces of Western art across different media. While mainly focusing on painting, the Collection has made significant exceptions for relevant and unique sculptural, mixed media and photography works of art as well as installations.

The MA Collection covers a period of time going from pre-World War I art (such as Futurism and other European Vanguards), passing through Arte Povera and culminating in contemporaneity (Neil Beloufa, Goshka Macuga, Jason Martin and Rebecca H. Quaytman for example).
While starting off with collecting works by, amongst others, iconic artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Piero Manzoni and Andy Warhol; as the Collection has grown its focus has extended towards emerging artists and galleries.

With outposts in London, Milano and New York and a consistent presence in major art fairs, gallery openings and auctions, we are constantly searching for exciting artists with the capability of revolutionizing the present while holding memory of the past.